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While you are on holiday in Zante you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Caretta Caretta Turtles and you can even partake in a Turtle Spotting trip to see them swimming in their natural habitat – a pure nature Experience.

The Bay of Laganas and GERAKAS BEACH, are the largest nesting ground in the Mediterranean for the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtle.

Caretta Caretta turtles in Zante are commonly called the “loggerhead” sea turtles due to their large heads with a horny beak that is thicker than other sea turtles. Caretta Caretta turtles in Zakynthos are the largest hard-shelled turtle in the world.
These turtles are the world’s most-studied and well-known sea-turtle. An adult loggerhead turtles weigh between 77 and 160 kg, and measures between 31 to 45 inches long. Their shell is a golden brown colour, with skin tones from yellow to brown.
The Caretta Caretta has become an endangered species, in part due to the development of tourism in their major nesting grounds

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