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Renting a vehicle with SMART RENTALS means that you are not dealing with a computer. You are always in contact with one of our employees, who will discuss with you all rental possibilities. Feel free to contact us for any questions you have prior to making a secure booking.

Q. Driver’s Licence – Cars?

A. If you come from a EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRY your local full driving license is enough to drive a car. Also valid: Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Lichtenstein, as long as the driving license is written in latin letters.

In any case, it must be a valid license held for at least one year, and you have to have the minimum age.
In case you come from an any other country, (also USA / AUSTRALIA / CANADA) you need, without exception, an INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE together with you local license.

SMART RENTALS does not accept the Chinese or any asian Driving Licence and its notarised translation.

Q. Driver’s Licence – Scooter / Motorbike?

A. To drive a 50 cc Scooter you need a scooter or motorbike driving license (AM, M, A1, A2, A). For all Scooters / Motorbikes more than 50 cc you need a full motorbike driving license either Category A1 (up to 125 cc) or A (more than 125 cc).

Exceptions: German and Italian car (B) driving licenses are also valid for scooters up to 50 cc.

If you come from a EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRY your local scooter / motorbike driving license is enough to drive a scooter. Also valid: Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Lichtenstein, as long as the driving license is written in latin letters.

In case you come from a NON EC country you need without exception an INTERNATIONAL scooter or motorbike driving license together with your local license.
In any case, it must be a valid license held for at least one year, and you have to have the minimum age. To drive a 2-wheel vehicle we advise having very good experience in driving.

Q. Driver’s Age ?

A. Cars
a. For A categories at least 23 years
b. For B, C categories 25 years, all other categories 27 years
c. For insurance reasons driver’s age is limited up to the age of 70 years.

A. Scooters – Motorbikes – Quads
a. For scooters up to 50 cc at least 21 years
b. For scooters up to 125 cc at least 23 years
c. For scooters up to 200 cc and Quads at least 25 years
d. For insurance reasons driver’s age is limited up to the age of 65 years.

Q. Extra insurance for tires and underside is mandatorily charged?

A. As a customer-oriented service company we understand the needs of our customers and offer a safe all – round service. The convincing price-performance ratio allows you a worry-free vacation! We make it simple and save for you to rent the car without having anything to pay in case of bad luck.

Q. Taking the vehicle outside Zakynthos?

A. It is not allowed for any SMART RENTALS vehicle to leave the island.

Q. Fuel policy?

A. The fuel level will be noted on the rental agreement. The vehicle is expected back with the same  fuel level as it was upon delivery. Fuel consumed during the rental period is paid by the renter. The company is not required to refund the renter in case he returns the car with excess fuel. In the case of returning the vehicle with less fuel, the renter will be charged with the fuel difference and and extra charge. Incorrect refuelling of the rental car falls under negligence and for the resulting costs, the renter is fully responsible.

Q. Delivery / drop off service?

A. SMART RENTALS offers you the option to pick up your car or bike as soon as you arrive directly at Zakynthos airport, as well as at your hotel, Zakynthos Town Port or KTEL bus station. Just choose your delivery place on our request form.

Our airport office is easy to find. Leaving the arrival hall turn left, you will see a large blue SMART RENTALS sign in the opposite. It is 150 m / 3 min. to walk. Together with your booking confirmation you receive a map how to find us. Our representative awaits you at our office, your vehicle will be ready to go!

In case your flight is delay please take the time to contact with us at +30 6977 235558 or and inform of your delay.

Delivery / return of the vehicle at our airport office within our office hours is free of charge 7 days a week from 08.00 am to 09.00 pm. Delivery / return outside these hours are subject to an additional charge of 25 € extra.

Additional charges may apply for delivery and pickup to your accommodation / resort. You will be notified before final confirmation of your reservation.


Q. Do I have a good insurance with Smart Rentals?

A. There is no doubt about it. The Car prices already include a Collision Damage Waiver, and Theft Insurance, with NO EXCESS AT ALL, in case of an accident or theft. An extra insurance with 2, – /day against Tires- undercarriage-, glass- and mirror damages is automatically included in the price. Also included, a personal accident insurance for driver and passengers (PAI).

The motorbike price list includes a C.D.W. (collision damage waiver). An extra insurance with 3, – /day to reduce the own risk – excess to a small amount is already included in the price. The own risk is depending on the bike category.

All insurance conditions are clear declared in our confirmation and on the rental agreement. So, leave any trouble to us and you just enjoy your holiday.

Q. Rental period?

A. One day ~ 24 hours. Every hour in excess (three at the most) is charged additionally to the daily rate. For over three hours excess, the renter is charged with all additional daily rates.

Q. Car category?

A. We always try to fulfil your wishes for a specific car type. However, that is not always possible. In any case we assure a similar type of the confirmed category.

Q. Extra costs and deposit?

A. There are no hidden extra costs to surprise you. Prices including the best insurance package and all extra costs are clear and fair declared.

SMART RENTALS reserves the right to withhold a guarantee in form of a credit card or Euros in cash, which will be returned to the renter, after expiring of the rental period.

Accepted Cards are MasterCard & Visa

– American express, Pre paid, debit cards are not accepted

Q. Methods of payment?

A. Payment takes place at delivery. We accept € CASH, MASTER CARD and VISA without any extra charge.   American express, Pre paid, debit cards are not accepted

Q. Rental Voucher / eTicket?

A. Without a SMART RENTALS email booking confirmation the booking is not confirmed.

Q. Cancelation policy?

A. The cancelation of your booking is free of charge as long we get informed about the cancelation before delivery. A cancelation upon delivery from renters side will be charged with the full rental rate.In case the booking has to be cancelled upon delivery because renter does not refill the requested rental conditions or can not provide the requested documents, the full rental charge will be charged.

SMART RENTALS reserves the right to refuse to rent out a vehicle to a person who is considered unfit to drive or does not meet driving requirements.

Q. Traffic law in Greece?


Q. Data Protection?

A. SMART RENTALS has put strict technical and organisational security measures in place to protect the data that we manage against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised parties. With us your personal data is protected, will not be shared or used for promotional purposes.