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Terms and Conditions

1. General Rental Terms & Conditions

The vehicle is delivered to the renter in good overall condition and without apparent defects. Any complaints as to its condition must be made to SMART immediately upon delivery. The renter agrees to return it with all accessories and in the same condition at the location, time and date designated in that Agreement, otherwise renter will be responsible to compensate SMART in addition to the normal rental charge. SMART reserves the right to take back the vehicle at any time without demand at renter’s expense, if the vehicle is used in violation of this agreement.The renter is expected to keep an eye on the vehicle’s mechanical condition, oil, water, tires, etc. and contact SMART RENTALS immediately. Any repair of the vehicle by renter himself or any other party is not allowed. Vehicle must not be used:
a. To drive on non asphalted roads
b. To carry persons or property for hire.
c. To tow any vehicle, trailer or other object.
d. In a race, test or Rally contest, off road or on beach
e. For subleasing by renter to any other party.
f. While renter or any other authorized driver is under influence of alcohol, medication, drug, barbiturates etc.
g. In contravention of any customs, traffic or other regulations.
h. By any other person not authorized by SMART RENTALS.
i. To transfer or carry heavy luggage, inflammable materials, bad smelling goods, narcotics, animals,etc.
j. To be transferred on Ferryboats, leaving the island Zakynthos without a written authorization of SMART (that would cause the waiver of any extra insurance provided by SMART RENTALS and all the transfer costs back to Zakynthos would be carried by the renter)

The cancellation of your booking is free of charge as long we get informed about it before delivery. A cancellation upon delivery from renters side will be charged with the full rental rate. In case the booking has to be cancelled upon delivery because renter does not refill the requested rental conditions or can not provide the requested documents, the full rental charge will be charged.

SMART RENTALS reserves the right to refuse to rent out a vehicle to a person who is considered unfit to drive or does not meet driving requirements.

2. Insurances

SMART RENTALS provides a full insurance coverage with no excess in case of damage or lost to the car, including tires, underside, glass and mirrors, only when the car is driven by the renter and none else, in accordance with an automobile third party liability insurance policy.

Luggage insurance is not available and renter is responsible for any loss of property belonging to the passengers.

For scooters and motorbikes the full insurance coverage includes in any case a specific amount of excess in case of damage or loss depending on the category. The amount of excess is specified in our offer as well as on page 1 of the contract.

Not insured are any damage or soiling to the interior of the car, lost or broken keys, lost or broken helmets or luggage box and generally any kind of vandalism inside or outside our vehicles.

In case of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft etc.) renter is responsible to follow immediately the insurance procedures at set:
Contact SMART immediately (phone +30 6977 235558 – 24 h service)
Take pictures
a. Call the police
b. Obtain names and addresses of eye witnesses
c. Do not acknowledge third party claims
d. Complete and sign an accident report

The renter is obliged to keep to the road traffic regulations valid in Greece. Carrying of safety belts and helmets applies itself to his own responsibility. Every expense which appears from disregard of the road traffic regulations goes to weights of the renter.

3. Taking the vehicle outside Zakynthos

It is not allowed for any SMART RENTALS vehicle to leave the island.

4. Payment

The renter pays at delivery the full rental charge to SMART RENTALS in advance at delivery.
The rental charge includes charge, local taxes and extra costs, which are noticed on the contract.

In case of any damage in violation of these terms, the renter is fully responsible for all costs, and will be charged for all deficits the company SMART RENTALS may have because of this. Any insurance will be invalid.

SMART RENTALS reserves the right to withhold a guarantee in form of a credit card or Euros in cash which will be returned to the renter, after expiring of the rental period.

The amount for the guarantee is depending on the car category.

5. Miscellaneous

The renter or his representative acknowledges that he acquires no rights other than state in this agreement.
All additional authorized drivers are jointly and severally liable with the renter under this agreement.
This agreement nullifies any other written or verbal agreement between SMART RENTALS and renter.
Any and all disputes which may arise between SMART RENTALS and renter will be settled before the competent courts of Greece.